S2 Moorshade proper usage terms and conditions

By completing this purchase from Shade Squared LLC, you, the buyer, undertake full responsibility for proper use, installation, and care of Shade Squared products, accessories, and components. You, the buyer, also understand that improper use and/or installation of Shade Squared products, accessories, and components may result in injury and/or loss of life, or cause damage and/or loss to personal property, whether owned by you or another individual/entity, for which you are responsible for. You, the buyer, also bear responsibility to inform others around you of proper use and/or installation to avoid any incidents during installation and/or use. You, the buyer, understand the following terms and conditions and agree that any deviation from the proper use and installation of any Shade Squared product, accessory, or component is not the responsibility of Shade Squared LLC:

Figure 1

Figure 1

  • The S2 MoorShade is primarily designed to attach to the port and/or starboard sides of a boat via the use of secure, and closed mounting points, which include, but are not limited to:

    • Cleats

    • Towers

    • Railings

    • Handrail

    • Lifting ring

    • For reference, a “closed mounting point” means a point where the buckle-loop, which makes up the end of the mounting straps on the S2 MoorShade cover located at the two boat-side corners and the center lifting point, cannot be removed while the male and female ends of the buckle are connected, meaning four closed sides. See Figure 1 as an example.

  • The S2 MoorShade is to be used ONLY as a sunshade and MUST be installed with all components, which includes:

    • Shade cover

    • Four telescoping frame poles (in locked positions)

    • Two floating anchors (with buckets completely full)

      • Floating anchors MUST be mounted loosely (no less than 18 extra inches of webbing from a length where there is no slack). This is so that the cover is able to move with the boat if the boat rocks back and forth in waves.

      • Improper installation of the floating anchors may result in bodily injury or damage and/or loss to the cover, components, accessories, or the vehicle/object that the system is mounted to, for which you, the buyer, are responsible.

  • Use of the S2 MoorShade as anything but a sunshade is strictly prohibited and you, the buyer, accept full responsibility for any damages, loss, injury, or even death caused by improper use. Some instances of improper use are stated below.

  • The S2 MoorShade is NOT to be used as any sort of shelter or covering from elements such as rain, snow, or hail

  • The S2 MoorShade is NOT to bear weight of any kind

    • NEVER place anything on the cover while installed as it may fall off and become lost or may cause damage and/or loss to the cover, accessories, or components

    • If anything happens to fall onto the cover, safely uninstall the cover from the side of the boat and remove the object from the cover, then reinstall following recommended mounting procedures. The S2 MoorShade is NOT a hammock, or in any other way is it designed to bear the weight of a person to stand, sit, or lay on and could result in injury and/or death or damage and/or loss to your personal property and/or property owned by another person or entity.

  • Prior to installation, all mounting points must be inspected and verified to be a secure mounting point. If there is any question to the soundness of the desired mounting point, do NOT use it as a mounting point until it is further inspected and/or replaced.

  • Prior to installation, the boat MUST be stationary and turned off whether at anchor, tied securely to a stationary object (such as a dock), tied securely to another boat, or anchored while beached at a sandbar or other similar docking point. NEVER install the S2 MoorShade on a moving object or on a boat that may be put in motion.

  • If the S2 MoorShade is installed on any object, movable or stationary, other than a boat, that object MUST be parked, anchored, or secured to be stationary and not move during the time that the product is installed.

  • If the S2 MoorShade is installed over land to where the floating anchors cannot be used, it is your responsibility to securely tie down the outside corners to prevent the cover from moving due to an outside force, such as wind

  • The S2 MoorShade is NOT to be installed when subjected to winds, including gusts and/or sustained winds, greater than 15 miles per hour (24 kilometers per hour)

  • The S2 MoorShade MUST be installed downwind so that, while the floating anchors are not attached, incoming wind will not blow the cover towards the boat and potentially cause damage to the cover or other property or cause physical hard to nearby individuals.

  • The S2 MoorShade is NOT to be used as a sail

  • The S2 MoorShade is designed to be temporarily installed, although a more long-term installation is permitted as long as the shade is not subjected to conditions other than both sunshine and winds less than 10 miles per hour

  • Any modification to Shade Squared products, components, and/or accessories is prohibited

Proper use, broadly stated, is that the S2 MoorShade is, as previously stated, to be used as a sunshade which extends outwards from the side of the boat while mounted from three secure mounting points at the boat plus two connected points at the floating anchors and held together with four locked-in-position frame poles. Any improper use of Shade Squared products, accessories, and/or components not explicitly stated is implied and considered a deviation from proper use, and you, the buyer, accept full responsibility for any incident. By completing this order, you, the buyer, understand that Shade Squared LLC is not responsible for ANY damages due to improper use, including bodily injury or death that may occur.