Materials & Cleaning

We use premium lightweight materials that are built to last. The properties of these materials include:

  • Waterproof

  • Fade resistant

  • UV Resistant

  • Non-abrasive to gel coat and other finishes

  • Easy to clean (see below)

Take a look below at the recommended cleaning instructions for these materials.


Cover and Anchor Cleaning

All fabrics need to be properly cared for and cleaned. As a purchaser of our S2 MoorShade, it is your responsibility to take care of and clean the cover. Below are the suggested cleaning methods for the cover and anchor fabrics:

  • Remove loose dirt by shaking or brushing off the fabric

  • Add 2 ounces of mild soap, such as Dawn dishwashing liquid, to 1 gallon of lukewarm water.

  • Lightly clean the fabric with a soft-bristle brush.

  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water and air dry in an open area.

  • Do not machine dry.

We also recommend treating your cover at the end of the boating season with a UV protectant, such as 303 Marine UV Protectant, to help extend the life of your cover and retain its color. Like all fabrics, prolonged exposure to the sun can damage and fade the fabric, but proper care will increase the life of your shade cover.