About Shade squared

The idea is simple. Almost every boat on the water has a bimini top to provide shade for when you're in the boat, but if you think about it, where are you most likely to get sunburnt at the lake?

In the water!

Hats only cover so much and sunscreen is going to wear off faster in the water, even if it's waterproof. Shade Squared was designed to make the water more comfortable and protect you from the sun where it matters most. Instead of huddling against the side of the boat, getting underneath the pontoons, or looking for a shady cove, you can let your anchor down anywhere and hang out underneath your S2 MoorShade!



The idea

The initial concept stemmed from the simple fact that most of your sunburn at the lake happens when you're out of the boat. These following outline, sent in an e-mail to myself, was used to fuel the development of the Shade Squared MoorShade:

  • Boat sunshade

  • Connect to cleats or lifting points

  • Attach to tower

  • Floating weights to hold down corners

Easy as that, and it led us to where we are today!



Prototyping started right away. Initially, the plan was to use the same material as current bimini tops/boat covers for the fabric and tent poles for the frame. The resulting cover was heavy and bulky and the poles would just fold over and make it turn into a tent. After a trip to Lowe's, the new frame was made from two long-and-heavy telescoping poles that extended from corner to corner and were held together at the center with a bungee cord. From this proof-of-concept, and an idea from a friend, new (smaller and lighter) telescoping poles were purchased so that the frame would extend from the center of the cover to all four corners. A center piece was made to house/center all of the poles and just like that, our POC became more of a viable prototype. From there, and leading to our final product, we sought lighter materials and custom poles so that we could provide something that all boaters would love.


Now, and moving forward

The current plan is to make our sunshade as versatile as possible and not just a boat product. We plan on introducing a Land Kit that will include two telescoping poles to hold up the outside corners, serving the same purpose as the upper lifting strap and anchors all at once. Airplanes, RVs, campers, railings, fences, and other vehicles are just some of the places you can install your MoorShade with this kit.